Supaslik Pins Molybdenum Alloy Silver – 26mm x 0.53mm

  • Style: Supaslik Molybdenum Alloy
  • SKU Code: W36021
  • Colour: Silver
  • Unit Type: Box
  • Size: 26mm x 0.53mm
  • QTY per Unit: 500g
  • Units per Pack: 1
  • Per Unit: 6 Boxes of 500g


1 Box of 500g   Supaslik Molybdenum Alloy Straight Pins     Size: 26mm x 0.53mm 

Really top quality Super smooth fine detail bridal and lace pins 26mm x 0.53mm with a fine tapered sharp point.

These rust-free stainless steel pins contain molybdenum which is a silvery-white alloy added in manufacture to produce a super smooth finish to travel through fabrics easier.

The alloy addition gives the strong steel pin a certain degree of flexibility in order for it to slightly bend without losing shape.

The pins are perfect for all fine detail sewing and dressmaking in silk, lace, bridal wear, and quilting.

SKU: W36021

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