Whitecroft Essentials has over 100 years of experience, starting off in 1910 with our popular safety pins. We soon branched out and introduced a variety of different products to our product lines, from straight pins to hair curlers! 

We have experienced a vast amount of change. We have developed and grown in a multitude of ways to withstand wars, recessions, booms & busts, but one thing that has continued to remain the same is our promise.

At Whitecroft Essentials, we promise our customers great quality products with valuable and honest advice.

Our team are experts in the Haberdashery & Stationery industry, so we promise to provide and quality customer service and expert advice to all of our customers.

Our dedicated Sales team can also supply you and your company with extensive selling tools, including product specification sheets and training.

For more information please contact sales@whitecroft.co.uk

“The great thing about Whitecroft Essentials is that we really are like family. We all work hard to ensure we’re the best we can be for our customers”

– Laura Beddis, Director