Machine Bobbins Plastic Style 15K

  • Style: Plastic
  • Unit Type: Hang Packs
  • Size: 15k
  • QTY per Unit: 8
  • Units per Pack: 10
  • Per Unit: 10 Hang Packs of 8
  • SKU Code: 75071


10 Hang Packs of 8  Plastic Machine Bobbins Universal Style 15k  SKU: 75071

  • Bobbin Height:  7/16” (12mm) / Bobbin Diameter: 13/16” (21mm)
  • Top and bottom are completely flat

15K Universal Plastic Domestic Sewing Machine Bobbins fits most front-loading machines. Check the machine manual for the correct Bobbin.

Plastic bobbins and metal bobbins of the same size should NOT be swapped. Machines are set for a very precise tension settings. If they are set for a lighter plastic bobbin, the tension will change if a heavier metal bobbin is used.

  • Use only bobbins that are the same class/style as those that come with your machine – don’t substitute!
  • Wind thread on empty bobbins only – don’t wind additional thread onto partially wound bobbins, as this can cause stitch irregularities when you sew.
  • Don’t overfill bobbins or they will not move freely in the bobbin case.
  • Make sure thread is correctly seated in the bobbin winding tension disk of the machine before starting to wind (see your machine instruction manual for more information).  The thread that is wound too loosely can cause machine jamming.  The thread that is wound too tightly can distort or break the bobbin.
  • If a bobbin becomes chipped, bent, warped or damaged, discard it & replace with a new bobbin.

Also available in pack sizes:

SKU: 75111   10 retail cards of 6 plastic bobbins

SKU: 75071   10 Hang Packs of 8 plastic bobbins

SKU: 75118   1 box of 100 plastic bobbins

SKU: 75075   6 tubs of 50 plastic bobbins

SKU: 75113  20 bags of 100 plastic bobbins

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