Olfa Cutting Mat FCM-A2 Folding Mat – 17″ x 24″

  • Style: FCH-A2
  • Unit Type: Single
  • Units per Pack: 1
  • Per Unit: Single
  • SKU Code: OLFA63571


1 Single Olfa Folding A2+ Self-healing Cutting Mat FCM-A2   

Size: 17″ x 24″  (450mm x 620mm) 2.5mm thick.

This multi-purpose  sized “folding” mat features easy-to-read numbers and metric grids designed for quilt / patchwork applications such as easy measuring and accurate cutting of straight lines and precise angles.

Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the 2.5mm thick mat can be used with the OLFA utility and art knives, as well as OLFA rotary cutters.

The durable cutting surface is made of environment-friendly, durable & hard Olefin resin. The FCM-A2 conforms to the law on promoting Green Purchasing.

The OLFA Self-healing technology refers to the ability of the surface to return to its original shape after being cut and are ideal for general cutting. 

All Olfa mats should be stored flat.

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