Olfa Knife AK-5 Designers Art Knife + 30 Blades & Needle

  • Style: AK-5
  • Unit Type: Cards
  • Units per Pack: 6
  • Per Unit: 6 Cards
  • SKU Code: OLFA63601/1


6 Cards of 1 x Olfa AK-5 Art Knife + 30 spare blades & Needle.

This specialized art knife/multi-use tool has a flattened handle end for moulding clay etc and a pointed art needle. The Blade case functions as storage / disposal case, and knife stand. It comes with 30 replacement KB-5 blades & art needle included on pack.

Application: Good For: arts, graphics, crafts and hobby use. For both personal use as well as industrial applications Easy quick-spin blade change Sharp and durable premium blades Includes (30) OLFA KB-5 blades and (1) needle


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