Air Erasable Marker Pens – 5 Retail Cards

  • Style: Air Erasable
  • Unit Type: Cards
  • QTY per Unit: 1
  • Units per Pack: 5
  • Per Unit: 5 Cards of 1
  • SKU Code: 76741


5 Cards of 1 Air Erasable Vanishing Marker Pens  SKU: 76741

This Whitecroft Essentials Purple Air Erasable Vanishing Fabric Marker is the perfect way to mark embroidery designs, quilting and stitching designs on fabric. You’ll be able to easily use the pen to apply your design, and then there’s no need to wash it away! The marks will disappear within 24 to 72 hours. This is ideal for use on fabrics that are not suitable for washing.

The marks can also be removed with a damp cloth or rinsed out in cold water, if the design and fabric allow.

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