Whitecroft Premium Sewing Machine Needles – Standard Size 90 – 100 cards of 5

  • Style: Standard
  • Unit Type: Cards
  • Size Type: 90
  • QTY per Unit: 5
  • Units per Pack: 100
  • Per Unit: 100 Cards of 5
  • SKU Code: 75121


100 Cards of 5 Premium Japanese Sewing Machine Needles. Universal Size 90

Japan is noted for making high quality sewing machine needles. Whitecroft Essentials Premium Needles are made of superior quality nickel plated steel under strict guidelines. The needles are polished & milled to a perfect sharp, smooth tip to make them smooth and slick.

Universal or Standard needles are the most commonly used sewing machine needle. They can be used with woven fabrics, synthetics and some knitted fabrics (but check other needle for specific types of knit fabric). The finer needles are mostly used for lightweight fabrics. Larger sizes are used on medium to heavyweight fabrics. Polyester/cotton or silk threads should be used with a universal / standard needle.

SKU: 75121

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