Machine Bobbins Plastic Style 66K

  • Style: Plastic
  • Unit Type: Boxes
  • Size Type: 66K
  • QTY per Unit: 100
  • Units per Pack: 20
  • Per Unit: 20 Boxes of 100
  • SKU Code: 75054


20 Boxes of 100 (2,000) Plastic Domestic Sewing Machine Bobbins Style 66k

SKU: 75054 Bulk Buy

Fits most older Singer domestic sewing machines where the bobbin is dropped in from the top, the Singer compatible spools have a slight arc on the top and bottom are made of plastic and usally called 66k type drop-in bobbins.

Available in other pack sizes:

SKU: 75051  10 Retail cards of 6 bobbins

SKU: 75041  10 Hang Packs of 8 bobbins

SKU: 75058  1 box of 100 bobbins

SKU: 75035  6 Tubs of 50 bobbins

SKU: 75054  20 bags of 100 bobbins

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