Clipper Domestic Machine Needle 10 cards of 5 Ballpoint Assorted

  • Style: Clipper Value
  • Size: 70/80/90
  • Per Unit: 10 Retail Cards of 5
  • SKU Code: 75301


10 Retail Cards of 5 Clipper Machine Needle Carded Ballpoint Assorted  Sizes: 1x 70, 2x 80, 2x 90

Ballpoint needles are with with a ball end point. The ball parts the fibres/threads of the fabric you are stitching rather than piercing them as a conventional needle would. They are ideal for knitted or Jersey fabrics, using a standard needle on these fabrics will cause missed stitches and curling.

The needles are flat on one side of the shank, and are compatible with the majority of modern domestic sewing machines like Janome, New Home, Brother, Singer, Toyota, Husqvarna, Elna, Bernina, Jones, Fister Rossman, Pfaff, Silver etc. Please check your machines manual before buying to make sure.

The sewing machine needle is an important part of the machine. The Clipper range covers needles for most types of materials form lightweight, medium, or heavyweight and even heavy-duty like Leather.

Clipper Sewing Machine Needles are an excellant compromise between quality & value.

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