Olfa Cutting Mat RM-30×30-RC Rotating Mat 30 x 30cm DEHP Free

  • Style: RM-30x30
  • Unit Type: Pack
  • Units per Pack: 3
  • Per Unit: Pack of 3 Mats
  • SKU Code: OLFA63331


1 Pack of 3 x RM-30×30-RC Rotating Cutting Mats

Size: 30cm x 30cm (11.8″ x 11.8″) 

Environmentally Friendly  DEHP Free PVC

Thanks to its 360-degree rotating feature, the Rotating ‘Self-healing’ Cutting Mat RM-30×30 makes it unnecessary for users to move around the cutting objects on mat. Designed for use with any OLFA cutters and blades.  

Rotating mats are perfect for cutting circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, and any shape which requires you to turn your project or body around. The two-piece mat has a non-slip stationary base with an interlocking top cutting mat with yellow grid lines and markings.

The OLFA Self-healing technology refers to the ability of the surface to return to its original shape after being cut and are ideal for general cutting. 

All OLfa cutting mats should be dstored flat.

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