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Where’s the Daylight!?


Although ideally the summer is associated with sunbathing, suntans, sunglasses… perhaps even a bit of sun, this is England. Although our Grandmas may have hazy memories of a good summer back in 1953, this is 2012 and right now it’s drizzling.


Although the daylight may have deserted us (again), we can now help you to reclaim it! We have been welcoming our newest brand addition to our Whitecroft family and already it’s a huge hit in our office! Daylight Lamps are the best thing since sliced bread for these dark and dreary afternoons in the office. Recreating the natural glow of sunlight, they enable you to add a little sunshine to your desk, meaning you don’t go home with eye strain and end up with a telling off from your optician.


We love their sleek, flexible, modern designs and, quite honestly, just can’t believe how good they are! Perfect for long hours, late nights, anything involving concentration, fine print, intricate details… these lights are our new must-haves! With no glare and no excessive heat, we really think they can’t be beaten and are far superior to anything out and about at the moment!


If you’re interested (and you should be!), give us a call to find out more and we will arrange a meeting to demonstrate exactly why we are already so smitten with our latest desk accessories!