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The British Obsession with Sticky Notes


We love our sticky notes. We use them all the time. If we can’t stick our beloved little reminders around our computer screens, we download them into the screen. If we’re away from our computers and desks, with no notes or paper to hand, don’t panic – we have sticky note apps. That’s how much we really love them.


And what do we use them for? It extends way beyond the office, doesn’t it? Not only is there ‘Sarah called re dealine, plz call back’, there’s also DON’T FORGET THE MILK THIS TIME.’ Whether we use them for work, play or both, they can get personal. Type it into your average search engine and the results can be rather eye opening. Need a new pair of pants? Forget it, use sticky notes. Problems with next door’s dog? Sticky note. Can’t seem to give the other half the hint? Sticky note.


Perhaps it’s our British stiff upper lip and inability to deal with confrontation, or perhaps we just like how much we get done with those tiny little notes by our side, but there is certainly something about them which we can’t get enough of.


Laura Beddis, our Managing Director, explains this phenomenon. “They come to the rescue when we’re too busy, too tired or too forgetful to do it all ourselves, like a stationery superman. There’s nothing they can’t do.”