Christmas Treats! 

Christmas is right around the corner and bellow Whitecroft Essentials have listed some fantastic items that will help increase your business in this Golden period!



Children's Knitting Kit

Get kids knitting this Christmas with this fantastic little kit,

complete with 4 12g balls of Acrylic Yarn, 4mm Bamboo

Knitting Needles and "Easy to Use" Knitting Instructions!


Christmas Drawing Pins

When putting up your Christmas Decorations, don't use Sellotape or

Blue Tack that leaves sticky residue on you nice ceiling or furniture,

instead, use these fantastic Christmas Drawing Pins in assorted

colours to match the bright buzz of Christmas!




The Season to be Knitting!

We all know Christmas is round the corner when the weather is cold

and frosty! Get the public knitting their Chunky Knits and Cardigans

to wrap up warm!



Touch of Style!

Christmas isn't Christmas without a touch of style! and there

is nothing more stylish than these Vintage Haberdashery Items!

The ideal gift for any sewing enthusiast!




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Our dedicated Customer Service team will be happy to answer any Questions that you may have!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!