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Old School Whitecroft


As Whitecroft Essentials Ltd has been in business since 1910, the team thought it would be a great idea to launch a Vintage Range in dedication to our heritage...

After months of preparation, Whitecroft Essentials Ltd welcomes you to the NEW! Whitecroft Vintage Haberdashery Range! We are extremely proud of these 10 High Quality Products that are packaged in classical vintage boxes and envelopes! With class and quality this product is the perfect gift for any consumer interested in Haberdashery. 


The Whitecroft Vintage Range is a collection of high quality haberdashery items that are supplied in high volumes across the Essentials Range. The Vintage range consists of Premium products that consumers can use consistently with haberdashery projects.

Inspiration for the classical colour scheme came from some old Whitecroft packaging that the company supplied in the mid 1900's, we have gone back to tradition by using the classic "A Whitecroft Product" bubble and also the popular diamond shaped logo.

 A great deal of thought and preparation has gone into this range ensuring it is perfect for our customers and consumers. Get in touch and we can direct you to how you get your hands on this excellent range!