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NEW Catalogues!


 Whitecroft Essentials are always trying to find ways of making your life easy and breaking down our product catalogues into 6 key product categories is one of the many projects we have implemented in the past 12 months to help our customers!

 We have made it quick and easy for you to identify the products that you are looking for! The product catalogues have been broken down into the following product categories.


Haberdashery (Retail Packaging)

Haberdashery (Bulk Packaging)

Knitting Products

Manufactured Products (Wire Formed)


Please click on the link below that will take you to Whitecroft Essentials ISSUU Page that displays our 6 Product Catalogues which you can flip through and find the products you are interested in.


If you don’t want to flick through and are just looking for a particular item then you can do this quickly and easily by simply typing the product or key word into the search bar on the catalogue.

For instance, if you are looking in the Haberdashery Catalogue and looking for Seam Rippers, if you type Seam Rippers into the search bar it will give you the catalogue page that this product is on rather than flick through page after page!