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How Does Your Office Affect You?


If you feel suffocated by towers of folders and stacks of scribbled notes - you are not alone! Clutter is claustrophobic and, The Law Gazette suggests, could also be affecting your efficiency! Not only is it important to feel organised and focused in your own work, but it's also just as important that people perceive you to be organised and focused.

Don't despair if your office isn't in great shape - but do take control and tackle it headfirst! Getting to grips with all the stray paperwork and even spam emails is the key to improving your own confidence and performance. Start off by organising your projects and urgencies to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked and then finish off with a good blast of Kores cleaning products across your computer screen, keyboard, phone and whiteboard!

Feeling more focused and prepared? Energised by the lemon fresh fragrance? No matter where you are based or what your job is, not only can keeping control of your space help your motivation and clarity in your work, but it really helps the way you will be perceived by your colleagues and anyone else invited inside!

We at Whitecroft have long been working on ensuring we offer a wide variety of stationery essentials to suit any company and culture. Whatever message you want your space to promote, from fun and funky with our bright stripy paperclips to smart and professional with our no fuss brass drawing pins, your office accessories will help you make all the difference.