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Football Fanatics!


As many Wholesalers & Retailers in the Haberdashery industry know, Knitting has grown dramatically in the past year or so and with the winter weather soon to be upon us it doesn’t look like this craze is going to slow down!

Whitecroft have taken full advantage! With the winter in mind we thought it would be good if we could join the increasing craze in knitting together with a craze that continues to be at the top of popularity... yes! Football!

Whitecroft have developed a product that fits all three! It’s the Football Fan Team Scarf Knit Kit! The perfect compliment for the Winter, Knitting and Football!

With this kit you have 2 x 25gr Balls of Wool, 1 Pair of 4mm Children’s Knitting Pins and an Instruction Sheet on how to knit your Football Fan Team Scarf! The scarf finishes with 15 stripes of 2 separate colours, the length of the scarf is approx 82cm and approx 12cm wide...

and whether its Man United or Cheltenham Town, with 5 different combinations your child will have a world of fun knitting their own Football Fan Team Scarf no matter who they support!



Please get in contact to see what combinations we have! And how you can get your handson this brilliant Knit Kit!